Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Thursday Already!

Well, this morning I got up and checked my e-mail to track my camera order. Much to my surprise, it said it's in Jacksonville already! So I'll be sitting her all day impatiently waiting on my sweet sweet Holga CMY!! I also bought a 2 year protection plan where B&H Photo will cover it if anything happens. Free shipping to and from their office, replacement if my camera can't be fixed, you know all the goodies! So I am extremely pumped about it coming!!!!

The other day I did some shopping and got a few nice things. I got Rosslyn 2 outfits. One dress and one skirt and shirt and I got her some big girl pj's. No more night gowns for this little lady! Then we went to Ross where I found a really pretty tie dyed maxi dress for me. It's so comfortable. I thought because I'm so short it would look weird on me but I love it.

And then later on during the day, I went to the mall and bought 5 new pairs of underwear from Victoria's Secret. I looove them. And I got a free PINK puppy too!! And I also went into Ulta for the first time and oh my gosh! I swear if I had more money, I'd buy up the place!! I tried on this lip gloss from Too Faced that started out clear and turned to pink according to your body temperature. I wanted it sooooo bad!! But I got a mini kit of Bare Minerals. I've tried Bare Minerals before so I know how good it works. But this time, I actually have my own! Next month I might go out and buy the starter kit. It was $60 at Ulta but only $55 at the PX so that's probably where I'll get it.

In other news, I'll finally be starting school on tuesday!!!!! I applied for a scholarship through military onesource called My CAA and I finally got approved for it today. That along with my Financial Aid should be enough to cover the cost of tuition for my first year. My first class is just to get me acclimated to online classes so it shouldn't be so bad. I need to go ahead and read up in my book and everything.

Also, I'm gonna try and call and see if the computer doctor (who we took out laptop to before) can fix our computer. It's a hardware thing this time. I think the little port to connect the a/c adaptor to is messed up so it's not charging. But, it works just fine with all the programs and things. And hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg.

So that's just about it. It's been an excellent week so far. And I hope it continues. I really want to go to the beach this weekend. My tan from when we were home is fading. Ahhhh....I love summer. This is going to be one thing I miss once we leave North Carolina.

Have an awesome day everyone!!

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Skipping Through Daisies said...

I'll be excited to see some pics that you take with your new camera! And I totally love the VS 5 for $25 undies. I just bought some this past weekend. I've gotten spoiled though and they are the only one's I'll wear now just bc they fit so good.

Shea said...

Oh, don't I know it! VS panties are all I own too. And they make my butt look so good lol. I have a picture of the camera on my facebook if you wanna look there.