Thursday, September 10, 2009

Come with us now on a journey through time and space

into brownie making!!

I had a hankering for brownies and we had the box sitting in our cabinet for about a week. Here are some pictures of the journey. (and FYI the title is from The Mighty Boosh. Youtube Old Gregg. HILARE!)

Yes I bought the expensive brand. I figured why not splurge on junk food? lol

My assistant. I didn't know she had a piece of plastic in her mouth at the time but after I took this picture, I took it out.

Also, Jordan's terminal leave got approved!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! You don't know how bad I am ready to move out of this town. I will miss the girls from the board but I will not miss the traffic, the heat and the douchebags. So on October 7th, we will be heading back to Kentucky for good! Then on October 9th probably, I will be heading up to Ohio to be in my cousin's wedding.....oy vey. Too much travel.

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