Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion Fantasy Friday

Today, I'd like to share with everyone some of my fashion fantasies. If I were ever to come into money (lol) or we would have enough left over after payday (not that we're struggling though) here are some things I'd want to get.

These boots from Tractor Supply. They're $75! I've never paid that much for shoes!!! But they're unbelievably cute.

This Albert Einstein shirt from Delia's.

The Artist Jeans from American Eagle. I ♥ AE. All of my jeans are from there. Because they're the only ones that fit me good. And I love that they come in a short inseam. The image isn't working so here's the link.

This shirt dress from alloy.

This beret from Forever 21.

That's about it. I love clothes and would die to have all of these!! Happy friday everyone.

Also, I'd like to remember all of those who lost their lives during the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and Flight 93. And to all the brave men and women who have lost their lives since to protect our freedom. Thank you so much.

2 love notes:

Lori said...

Hey mama! I love, love clothes shopping. I've been cleaing out my closet here and there, and in the past month I've been working on buying fall clothes. I currently have $143 worth of stuff in my cart at F21 and just this past paycheck made a hundred and something order. Yikes, don't tell Mark, lol! I was just at AE last night and I tried on the Artist jeans and I hated them. I have the Artist ones that they came out back in '06 I believe and I love those, so I figured I would try on the new ones. They are nothing alike, ugh. I did get 2 pairs of the slim boot's though. Now they are love! Definitely try those one. =)

YOM said...

I am digging the hate from F21! Gosh I already have my colors picked out, lol. one in winter White would look really nice when the snow starts falling. Then an Orange and Brown would look lovely because of Fall and a black because it would go with EVERYTHING!!!

And about the boots...sometimes buying more expensive will work out in teh long run because if you wear it enough it will pay for itself. Instead of buying cheap and it falling apart and you end up buying it again. I learned that the hard way with shoes.