Sunday, September 20, 2009

Super Sunday

Not much has happened today. Jordan, Rosslyn and I went to the store and got lots of good foodies. He's asleep right now and Rosslyn's in my arms enjoying a Shelley Duvall Faerie Tale Theater of Johnny Appleseed so it's nice and quiet.

Yesterday Rosslyn and I went to Ft. Macon out at Atlantic Beach. It was nice but it was way too crowded and hot. Hopefully next weekend we all three can go up there and enjoy it. Here are some pictures. Also, we ran into Karin and her family up there so that was fun, Rosslyn and Addi got to run around in the big rooms.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!

2 love notes:

Chantel said...

What program do you use to edit your pictures? They always look so cool! I want mine to look cool like that, with the rounded edges and you do to them, it really makes Rosslyn's blue eyes stand out.

designs-made-easy said...

i came to leave you a comment about your photographs as well... they always look very professionally put together!