Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tribute Tuesday- The WORST Hotel

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I have a tie with the worst hotels. One was the Red Carpet Inn in Beaufort, SC and the other was the Sunset Inn in Jacksonville, NC.

Let me start with the first. Jordan had been in boot camp for almost three months and the time was coming to start planning our trip down there (my cousin Jami and I). I was on a forum exclusively for all the recruits' families and we were all talking about which hotels we were staying at and things like that. So I asked my cousin to help me start planning the drive. We had MapQuest directions ready to go and just needed the hotel. So we went online and looked up some places, most places were booked by then so we had to go with the Red Carpet Inn. Which didn't sound too bad. I was getting more excited as every day passed. I had my outfit for Graduation day, I had his graduation present, everything. We were set. So we made the long trek from Tennessee to South Carolina which only took about 1 day. Once we finally got there, we checked in to the hotel. It seemed ok at first. The office was about the size of a bathroom and very, very cluttered. So we made our way to our room and it was awful. I mean it was somewhat bearable but it was disgusting. The bathtub had soap scum in the bottom, the shower curtain looked like it had mold on it...just gross. Also, Jordan's dad, mammaw and sister were staying there and I think they had a worse room than we did. There were stains on their beds, the walls and I think Jessca said it smelled bad. It was the worst hotel I've stayed at!! Here are some pictures that I found on Google just to give you a visualization.

As for the Sunset Inn, it wasn't nearly that bad. It was just Jordan and I had spent all day driving because I was moving down and it was like 3am and he couldn't remember where the apartment was and it was in the middle of July and very hot. The only major complaints about that one was that there was a huge burn mark in the carpet where someone had dropped an iron and the bathroom wasn't that clean. But thankfully I didn't take a shower there.

I don't think I'll ever forget that hotel as long as I live. It was just so disgusting. But thankfully I didn't let it deter from an amazing trip to pick up my Marine!!

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Geez Louise♥ said...

Oh snap, I would have thrown fit, major fit. Girl you got more guts than me to stay in a place like this...GROSS. Your daughter is gorgeous! Im a Coastie wife, hows being a mili wife going for you? And where are your guys stationed?

Happy Tuesday and Thanks for Following me!

Geez Louise

Geez Louise♥ said...

We actually just moved almost a year ago from Elizabeth City, Nc. Now we are living in Mobile, Al. Its pretty awesoem down here and being that we are originally from Alabama, its only 5 hours from home instead of 12. So with that type of leave will you be transferring somewhere different?


Chantel said...

Ewww..Bugs in the bathtub. Oh, and I love the last picture of the semi-melted outlet that still has things plugged into it. Wonderful. Nothing saying 'We're waiting to be sued by burn victims' more than that!

Geez Louise♥ said...

Ehh Hmm, I totally have the worst memory of all, you so told me he was going into the reserves. Duh. Well I hope the move is smooth for you guys!!!
I gave you an award!!!!

Geez Louise