Sunday, September 6, 2009

You say it's your birthday....

It's my birthday too!!

Today I turned 23! Can you believe it? I know that's young to some but of course, it's the oldest I've ever been!! Hahahahaha.

Today, for lunch, I met a bunch of the FOTF girls out at Red Robin and I had a lot of fun. Jordan would have gone but he didn't know any of the husbands were going, he just thought it was the girls. So he said he felt like a douche for not going hahah. But next time, he'll go. Here are some pictures from it:

The whole group

Karin, the fellow birthday girl

All the ladies

Then, later on, Jordan, Rosslyn and I went out to dinner too. Here's pictures from it:

I hope everyone had as an amazing day as I did!! Now, I am going to bed.

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