Thursday, October 1, 2009

Letters to people/things.....

I have a bunch of letters and comments that I want to say to people and Enjoy.

Dear Twitter, why must you always be uber lame? I hate not being able to post on firefox. Also, can you make it more than 140 characters? kthxbye

Dear Neutrogena Wave, you rock my socks!! You made my skin so smooth and soft and I love you for that.

Dear Husband, I understand that we don't have to pay for our water but would it kill you to turn the water off all the way in the shower and sink? It drives me insane hearing the drip drip dripping of the bathtub faucet!

Dear Rosslyn, WILL YOU PLEASE GROW SOME HAIR!!! Right now you've got this mullet thing going on and it's just weird. I want to be able to put cute bows and pigtails in your hair. But it's not cooperating.

Dear my hair, please grow as well!!! You're also in this awkward phase that just screams soccer mom and I hate it.

Dear Jacksonville, go fuck yourself! There are so many weird people around here, way too much traffic and way too many wrecks.

That's pretty much all the letters I have right now.....have a great night everyone!!

2 love notes:

Stefany said...

I hear ya on the baby and your hair. Grow already!!! Mine is so weird right now and I really just want to put bows in the baby's hair.

Good luck with the bottle breaking!

Kendra said...

LOL love the Jacksonville one! So true!