Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Writer's Workshop: What I'm not has made me who I am

Brought to you by Mama Kat. See all the other prompts Here

Write a poem describing who you are and/or who you are not.

I don't know if this will be in poem form but I'll try.

I'm an average Southern girl.
But doesn't drink sweet tea.

I like to watch Sci-Fi movies.
And cartoons on TV.

Pretty is something I think I'm not.
But he always says it's true.

I try to dress up all the time.
But jeans ans t-shirts will do.

I'm a mom to a little girl.
Who has few hairs on her head.

She drives me crazy most of the time.
But without her, I'd be dead.

I know I'll never be glamorous or wear makeup every day.
But in this little life I lead, I think that I'm ok.

Things I am are a mother, wife, child of God.
But one thing I'll never be is a poser or a fraud.

Because I am happy with myself, love handles, flaws and all.
For I have the love of family, what matters most of all.

Have a great day everyone!!

3 love notes:

Ashley said...

This is my favorite poem so far ! I loved it ;)

Mama Kat said...

So sweet!

Summer said...

I loved this little poem!!! Sweet!