Friday, October 23, 2009

1453 Days down, 7 to go!!

Well folks, the time is nearing for my hubby to separate from his mistress. Yes in just 7 short days, 168 glorious hours, we will leave North Carolina and head back to a sweet little duplex in the country.

We have the TMO class today and hopefully we'll be able to be given half of the money for our move up front. It may be too late but that's ok too. We just have to roll with the punches. So much of this apartment is still not packed up. But I guess we'll do all that next week.

Sunday, Jordan, Rosslyn and I are meeting up with some of my friends for a going away dinner with burgers, fries and everything that goes with it. I will be sad but I know it will be ok. I feel bad for leaving my friends because they have helped me and my family out so much and it seems like when they are needing help, we leave!!

We already have everything set to turn on back home. Electricity and satellite. But our internet won't be turned on until we get there because we have to be there. I cannot wait to move home and have everything set up for our new place!!

That is just all I wanted to say, I'll blog more later!! Have a great day!

2 love notes:

Geez Louise♥ said...

Ehh Hmmm... You look absolutely beautiful in that gorgeous gown!! I so get how you feel right now about leaving your friends, I was heartbroken to be leaving them, but happy that we were starting over somewhere new. Hope you have a great weekend sweetie!!!


Anonymous said...

You're leaving and I'm heading there! We're heading to Lejeune in April! *sigh*

And that picture is indeed beautiful, agreed agreed.