Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a Sunday!

Today has been a pretty relaxed day here at the Posey household. We've played, napped, eaten and rescued a baby from a bathtub full of nasty Marine Corps gear!! Hahahaha.

Now when I say "rescued" I mean "grabbed." Jordan was cleaning all his CIF gear that he needs to turn in and I put it in the bath and filled it full of hot water. I was standing at the bathroom door talking to Jordan, probably about his gear and then I turned back to check on Rosslyn and there she was climbing in the bathtub with her pajamas on and it full of gear!! I panicked because the water was pretty hot and I didn't want her to get scalded so I yelled her name and I think that scared her more than anything else. So I jerked her our of the tub and took her clothes off of her. Luckily she was fine. And we were both soaked. I couldn't help but laugh. She knows that the bathtub is for baths and I guess she thought she was getting one too!!

Also, my little sister went into labor today!!! She went to the hospital at 4am and has been pushing for over an hour and he is still not here!!! I'll update when I hear more but for now, that's all the information I have.

Tomorrow we have to go on base to have our vehicles weighed empty so TMO will know how much they weigh and how much money to give us for the move. So today or tomorrow before the second part of the class, I need to make copies of my ID, license and registration for Jordan to have.

I am soooooo excited that we'll be home in just a few short days!!!

We plan on having the cable and internet turned off on Thursday so I won't have any communication after that besides on my iPhone. And I'm not sure when we'll be able to turn it on in Kentucky. We'll be going down to his dad's in Tennessee for school but other than that, we'll have our Directv turned on the following Monday so at least we won't be completely bored out of our minds!! And I'm sure that weekend we'll be pretty busy with unpacking and trick-or-treating that we'll hardly notice we don't have tv.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!!

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Vanessa said...

Glad she was ok! I've had one of my kids just jump into a tub in hot water. You are right though I think she was scared more from you calling her name than anything.

Good luck on your move!