Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simply Sunday

And I simply cannot wait to decorate for Christmas!!! As you see, I already have my blog yuletided out. Hahaha. I'm even listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas and Halloween music.

Jordan is being a major Scrooge and not letting me put up the Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving. But I'm sure it'll be a few days before we have it up and ready since we probably need to buy ornaments. We have a few put up over at my mom's and I can't wait to get them. I really don't do a theme with Christmas ornaments, I just buy what I like. I have a Boba Fett one, a nutcracker one, and a huge glittery snowflake and a bunch more. And it was always a tradition in my house growing up to hang candy canes on the tree. And of course, candy canes from the tree tasted waaaaaayyyy better than candy canes from the box! Hahahaha.

And, eating oranges remind me of Christmas too. And we have a big bag of them here!! And since we have a mantle, we'll be able to hang stockings on it! I can't wait to get them and decorate them. I'm just so excited to decorate for Christmas!

Can you seriously believe that Thanksgiving is in 4 days? Where has this month gone?! Better yet, where has this year gone?!

Well, happy early Thanksgiving and happy weekend everyone!!!

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