Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday is tops!!

I've been thinking of different prompts that I can use each day of the week to get me back in the swing of blogging. Like make a wish Monday, or make a list Monday. But Monday is gone and it will have to wait until next week before I do one of those.

Welp, here in the land of Poseys, things are well. We're waiting on Jordan's unemployment to come in so we can live comfortably again hahahaha. It sucks after 4 years of getting a steady paycheck for it just to vanish. Although I think with the way things have been since we've moved back to Kentucky, I think I'd much rather have health insurance than a check right about now. But we are all well, minus Jordan who has had that thing come back on his ear for the fourth time!! Gaaaahhh!! My poor husband, I have no idea what it is and the Naval hospital told him what it was. They just cut it out, bandaged him up and moved on. I've done some Dr. Mom research and found that it could be a sebaceous cyst or infected lymph node. but it seems to be going down a tiny bit and he has a VA appointment on December 3rd so hopefully they'll be able to tell him what's wrong with him. And I think at that appointment, they will assess what all is wrong with him and how much disability he'll be able to get.

In other news, Jordan and I were looking around last night and found a bedroom set we'd like to get....I just don't know when that will be hahahaha.

And I hope we get this bedding set and our room will look styin!

I'm also hoping I get a job at Reelz, a movie store down here. I would love to have that job. I love movies and I think it would be real fun. So that's all I have for you guys today.... Have a great week and happy early Thanksgiving!!

3 love notes:

Geez Louise♥ said...

Love that bedroom suit! Thanks for the comment on the house!Hanson...Merry Christmas Baby, I die. Hardcore Hanson fan...bahaha...MMMMBop. Your little page is staying up all day and blasting out my speakers while I clean!

Kristin said...

I love the bedding you picked out. SO bright and cheerful!

Anonymous said...

I love the bedroom suit! We just got one very much like it, but in cherry!