Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear America.....

As 2009 winds down and we look at all the big happenings in the news, and we recap the Octo-mom and balloon boy, Jon and Kate, Kanye, Rihanna and Chris Brown and all the other superficial drivel which I do follow and sometimes find myself consumed in, let us not forget about something that has been going on for six years. And that my friends, is the war in Iraq.

I know we as Americans would rather hear shiny happy stories but so many casualties happened this year. So many wives lost their husbands, so many children lost their fathers.

Whatever your stance on the war may be, I think we can all agree that something needs to change soon and these men and women need to come home.

I guess with this blog post, I just want people to realize and get out of their little bubble and know that this isn't over and that so many families miss people every year and especially around the holidays.

The least we could do is say thank you and put down the gossip magazine.

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