Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hearts Day!


I hope everyone is having an amazing Valentine's day so far. Mine has been pretty good. I'm not getting flowers or chocolate or cards or anything like that. I was supposed to get a tattoo Saturday but where we went up to see Jessca in homecoming (1st runner up BTW!!) we didn't try to leave until late and we got stuck in the snow/ice/mud and my poor car has mud splashed all on her side. So we had to stay friday to saturday. Then on saturday, I was bound & determined to get a tattoo. So we went to Glasgow where I got the one on my hip and he was booked up all day, so we called some shops in Bowling Green, booked up all day. So I called the place where I got my Lotus and set up an appointment for Tuesday!! There's no turning back now or anymore excuses! I am beyond excited!!

Also, Apolo Ohno won his first medal yesterday in men's 15oom short track! He got silver and is now tied with Bonnie Blair as the most decorated US winter Olympian! Yaaay! Wednesday is the next Short Track event and I'm hoping he brings home gold!

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s + b said...

haha love that picture! and yay for apolo, he's my favorite olympian :)