Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interview went well

Jordan had to stay up all night because if he didn't, he most certainly would not have woken up early enough to go get his hair cut (5am) and get ready and leave. His interview was at 10am but he and his dad got down there pretty early. Then they went on to Knoxville to look around. And Jordan, bless his heart, told me I would love Ross. Tell me something I don't know! Hahahaha.

I wish I would have taken a picture of him when he got home. He went from looking like this.
Made by me. See the resemblance?

To looking somewhat similar to this. But with Jordan's head hahaha

I have to say, dressing up really suits him.

After paying bills and getting checks in my name, I went down to Wal-mart to buy Jordan Zombieland as a yay for your interview present and also because he loves the movie.

Time to nut up or shut up.

That's just about it over here. Friday Jordan and I are having a date night. We may be going up to Somerset. There's a gun show up there that he wants to go to and we may swing by the tattoo place to get a pricing on our tattoo.

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Anonymous said...

Aw! Well if he looks anything like Jim from the office then good luck keeping your hands to yourself on your date night ;)