Monday, February 1, 2010


This year is chugging along quite nicely and I'm so excited! February is going to be a great month for us because we're going to get our taxes done and I'm gonna get a camera and Jordan and I are hopefully going to get matching tattoos! I don't want to divulge details but let's just say it's one of comic book's greatest villain couples.

Jordan has his interview tomorrow at Oak Ridge so please send all the good luck vibes you can!!! He's really excited about getting this job.

From Friday until yesterday, we were snowed in down at Jordan's dad's. Everyone was freaking out about this "huge snow" that was going to come but on Thursday, it was clear and sunny and beautiful. Then Friday night it started snowing. We left Jordan's dad's at about 6pm to go to wal-mart and get groceries and go home but from when we were in there to when we came out, it got pretty bad. The snow was on the ground where you couldn't even see the lines on the road. So we turned around and went back down to his dad's house.

Then overnight the snow came, and it came big. I have a picture of my car covered by it but it's on my phone and I don't have a working cord for it. The snow came up to past where you open the door! It was awful but pretty funny. So we cleaned most of the snow off and attempted to leave Saturday night but my car just didn't get much traction pulling out of the driveway. So we were stuck, another day. And yesterday it warmed up enough and the snow was packed down or melted enough and we came home.

Not much else has been going on. Congratulations to Jessca, Jordan's sister who is going to be in basketball homecoming again this year!!! But that's about it from over here!!

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Goodluck to Jordan tomorrow!