Monday, April 12, 2010


So my appointment was last Wednesday and it went well. I didn't get to see the OB though. I just had blood drawn. And boy did it suck. The nurse first tried sticking the needle in my right arm and nothing was coming out of it. But first, the tourniquet bunched up on my arm and pinched me really bad so she had to adjust it. Then, with the needle in my arm, it felt like she was moving it around and I almost screamed. So she decided to move to my left arm, and she used a smaller needle this time but it still hurt. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Corpsmen at the Naval Hospital did a much better job than this lady did! So my next appointment, where I'll actually see the OB, get a pap and ultrasound, is on the 27th. Which seems like forever away. I really don't know if I can wait that long.

I'm definitely going to ask for some sort of sickness pill because I am nauseous all the time. I threw up a couple days ago and it was just so gross. And to top it off, I feel like I have a fever all the time, with an achy back and being cold. I really don't like this stage of pregnancy. I'm just ready to get this over with and have the fun stuff of flutters and kicks begin.

Wednesday we're going up to Jordan's mom's so he can go to a job fair in Elizabethtown on Thursday. Then we're probably staying until Saturday. It'll be a nice break from the county and I'll be able to eat Zaxby's!!! Not much else has really been going on. So I'll leave you all with that.

But, it is my little sister's 22nd birthday today so happy birthday Talia!!! I love you!!

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Anonymous said...

Did you have these sorts of problems with your little girl? Just thinking that maybe if you didn't you have a boy in the works. :)