Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pillow Talk: That good ol' Mountain Dew

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Jordan and I were watching Deadliest Warrior on Spike and just then the Mountain Dew commercial came on where they advertised all the different new flavors for summer and that is when this conversation transpired:

Me: Of Course they drink Mountain Dew.

Jordan:What's that mean?

Me: Only geeks drink Mountain Dew. Well, geeks and hillbilly's.


Jordan: What if you're a geek and a hillbilly?

Me: Like you? [laughter] Then there's no hope.

Then there was more laughter and we continued watching our show. But it's totally true about geeks/nerds and hillbilly's drinking mountain dew. I guess they need all the extra sugar and caffeine to stay up late playing games, or building a meth lab.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

2 love notes:

MommaPebz said...

LOL HEY! I LOVE Mt. Dew haha!

(funny, my hubby referred to me as a hillbilly when we got married because I grew up in a town with 1 stop light haha!)

Thanks for playing along! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey now miss, I am a MT DEW ADDICT. Hahaha. :)