Monday, July 5, 2010

My Lazy Holiday Blog Post

What's up July??? You came out of nowhere!! And now, in 8 short days, my daughter will be two years old!!!

We had a fun weekend. Yesterday was pretty chill. I woke up hoping to watch The Revolution on the History Channel but it wasn't on. Bummer. So instead, Jordan and I looked up a bunch of quotes from our founding fathers and wondered what they would think of the current state of our Union.

Saturday, we went out on the lake with Jordan's dad and his uncle. It was fun. Rosslyn liked it and I was afraid she'd get sick. But she did amazing. Jordan and I both are sunburned but Rosslyn is just fine. And I am glad. Anyways, here's a link to the pictures I took friday on my facebook. I'm sorry I haven't labeled them or anything. Just know that they're family lol. I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend too!!!

Now I'm off to watch cartoons with Rosslyn and possibly take a nap.

Go HERE to see my summer 2010 photos:

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Kristin said...

My lil' dude turned 2 today!! Where in the heck does the time go??

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