Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School....

So yesterday was my official first day back to school in an actual classroom. I was very nervous for some reason. It went rather smoothly although I don't have my book, the instructor said we didn't need it because all the test questions come from his notes and we really only needed the books if we were history buffs (which I'd like to think I am). But it was ok. It was very slow which I guess was ok but I felt like I already knew the information he was given and I was ready to move on. I hope it will pick up because I love history so much and want to learn so much about it.

My other class was today, Political Science. It's an ITV class but thankfully the instructor is physically in class with us so that's easier. Also, my sister had it last semester so she gave me her book but it turned out there was a whole new book to be used this semester! LOL The instructor said the same thing, if I show up, take notes and pay attention, I should be ok. That the information may be a little different but I should get the gist of it.

I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday so it's nothing too unbearable...yet. I will be having a baby towards the end of the semester and hopefully I won't have to miss more than a couple classes. In poli-sci, there's a test on the 16th, the day before my due date! And hopefully, if Aurelia is anything like Rosslyn, she'll go over a few days and I'll be able to make it.

I know it's a small step but online school wasn't working out for me because I had so many distractions at home and I always put off my assignments until the last minute. The only bad thing is the past two nights I've been in class, Jordan has texted me like 30 minutes in asking when I'll be home. The classes are from 6:30-9:00pm but both instructors said we should get out roughly at 8:30. So he's gonna have to put up with Rosslyn for a little bit longer. And once he has a job, I already have his aunt lined up to watch her and Aurelia whenever she comes. I'm really nervous about that. Because she'll be breastfeeding and I don't wanna leave her alone for too long. I'll have to feed her right before I leave or something. It's no big deal, I'll figure it out when the time comes.

That's really all I have to post tonight. I felt really bad about not blogging since last Wednesday but nothing major has happened. I did find an adorable house that's for rent but Jordan doesn't want to look at anything else until he has a job, which I don't blame him. I'm just ready for more space!!

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