Thursday, August 26, 2010

28 Week pregnancy update!

Yesterday was my 28 week mark!! Aka 7 months!! Aaaaahhh!! When did this happen? We have less than 90 days until Aurelia arrives and I fill so ill-prepared. I know we have plenty of time and it's hard to get everything or anything for her and keep it here especially if we'll be (hopefully) moving in a couple months. But, I get my pell grant money back in a few weeks and I'm going on a shopping spree for my girls!! (And saving a little back to get a new tattoo! Woop!)Because I know Rosslyn will need a new fall/winter jacket and Aurelia will need just about everything. I have a few onesies and nightgowns that will work for her but for the most part, all of Rosslyn's old stuff is off season. I want to get some long sleeved onesies and a few cute dresses for her.

She has been very, very active lately. Especially right above my pubic bone. She doesn't like when I lean over. I've actually felt her "punch" to get me to move. It's cute but I have been in a tiny bit of pain because of her mixed martial arts antics in utero.

Tomorrow I go for my glucose test. I'm not really looking forward to it because it's an hour (plus) out of my day that I just have to sit in a doctor's office for no good reason. And then I have to get stuck and blood taken from me!! I'll have my iPhone fully charged and be facebooking/twittering the whole time.

I don't know how much weight I've gained since my last appointment but I feel as big as a house. I feel like I'm all belly. Yet, my ass is still very huge!! I cannot wait to have her that way I can workout with the kinect we're getting for Christmas for the Xbox. I'll be Zumba-ing in my own house so no people can see me jiggle!! LOL. Anyways, here's a picture I took earlier tonight of my belly. I feel a lot bigger than I look in the picture.

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spanky* said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!! So exciting!!!
hey! i am just reopening my Etsy shop [twitterpated pretty] & i make dream catchers [by hand].
i'm offering custom catchers & i'd be happy to give you a "hot mama" discount if you'd like one for your nursery!
let me know if you'd like one! i'd luv to make one for ya!!!
take advantage of the next few weeks & eat up all the ice cream & pickles ya want!!!

Alyssa said...

Shea, I got your comment and that is too funny! I have dreams about internet friends all the time!!