Thursday, September 2, 2010

New bloggy look!!

I'm excited to finally have a 100% customized blog look that's completely my own! My friend Brie at Et Cetera Life does custom blog layouts and she made this gem for me! I can't thank her enough, really. And the best part of all? I have my own BUTTON!!! So, if you think my blog is worthy enough to be linked to yours, just snag the code to the left!!

Also I'm so glad it's September which means I have a birthday soon!!! 4 days to be exact! And I guess it's up to me to bake the cake or cupcakes. Which I guess is good because I can make it exactly how I want. Also, Jordan starts his job this month, too! He'll be gone some time for training in Georgia for 3 weeks. I'm not sure when that will be so it's still a gray area whether or not he'll be here when the baby's born. I'd really like him to be here since he missed Rosslyn's birth but if he can't and it's for his job, I'm ok with that too. I know he isn't too emotional about pregnancy and he'll be a lot happier once the baby is here.

Hopefully within the next couple months, we'll have saved up enough money to move! We're looking to move up in Somerset and looking to find a 3 bedroom 2 bath duplex. Which shouldn't be hard because one of Jordan's friends lives in a 3br 2 ba duplex. We just need to drive around all the little subdivisions up there.

That's just about it from this end. I'll probably do a pregnancy update later on tonight but I just wanted to do a quick recap of what's been going on.

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Lady Rink said...

It looks great!!

Brie said...

Happy early Bday incase I forget!!

AlanaMarie said...

I love it! neato!