Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekly Update!

OK so this week has absolutely flown by!! I can't believe in that a little over a week Jordan finally starts his job. He's just trying to live up his last week of "freedom" playing Xbox live and going out ad playing Magic with his friends.

I on the other hand have been having bursts of energy now and then and often times find myself picking up the living room and throwing away pop cans. I will sometimes have a bunch of clothes/toys in my arms and wonder where they came from. I can definitely say I'm beginning the nesting process. I already re-organized our bookshelf this week and tomorrow I'm planning on doing the dishes, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, gathering the dirty laundry, cleaning the bathroom and cleaning all of Jordan's pop cans from the bathroom. I don't know how much longer I can handle all this clutter!! Rosslyn's little toy pit thing by the couch is about to drive me nuts! But, I know it will pretty much have to stay this way because we have zero room to put anything.

I so cannot wait until we move. We're hoping to move fairly soon. I found a house listing online that's a 3 bedroom 2 bath with a loft that overlooks one of the marinas and Jordan definitely wants it. I jut pray it's still available when we have the money for it.

Tonight, I went to walmart and I bout two things (spools? I don't know) of yarn for Jordan's mammaw to make the girls matching hats with. It's not the baby yarn but it's pretty soft to me so it should be ok for Aurelia. And if it isn't, I may o back to walmart and pick up a couple needles and teach myself how to knit! Although Jordan's mammaw crochets everything. I think knitting would be a good hobby for me. If I can stick to it.

Also, today's weather was beyond PERFECT! I can't tell you how amazing it was not to have a day of sweltering heat and humidity. The highest it got today was 76. Jordan and I both talked about how we can't wait for fall and winter to get here. We're much more cold weathered people. Because if it's too hot, we just want to stay in and not do anything but have the AC on. But if the weather's cooler, we can go outside and do much more.

My birthday is in 2 days and I still haven't bought cake mix. I'm making my own birthday cake, how sad is that?? I'm definitely going to make a cake instead of cupcakes because I hate puring the batter into each of the little cups and cupcakes tend to get stale quicker I think.

Well, that's just about all that I have to update about. I need to start taking pictures more. I took a few when we were outside today. And then I need to do a photo update for everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and fun labor day weekend!!

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