Sunday, August 8, 2010

Photoshop Elements= My New Best Friend!

My amazingly talented photographer friend Tanya (she doesn't blog often so I can't link her) takes, well, amazing photos. They're so beautiful in every way imaginable it's just plain awesome. Anyways, I asked her what she used to edit her photos and she told me that she used Photoshop Elements. I had downloaded the trial on the laptop but I never took time to actually create stuff. So tonight I downloaded it to the AIO, I don't know what to call this thing. It's considered a desktop but there's no tower. Anyways, while it was downloading, I searched my little heart out for tutorials for PSE. And I came to a couple sites that I will definitely go back to again and again. In fact, I've already added them to my favorites. Those site are I Heart Faces and Coffee Shop. It took me a minute to get the feel for PSE but then something clicked and I was able to understand what I was doing. I'm definitely going to be sad to see my 30 day trial run up but I plan on editing the crap outta my pictures in the mean time. Here are the first three I created on PSE tonight. I just think they're so cute. And I know with time, I'll get a lot better.

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Kendra said...

I have an older version of Elements I don't use anymore, haven't in years really, do you want it? I think its version 3.0...I'll have to find it, but I will gladly send it to you! Just text me your address or message it some how :)

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

thanks for those links. :)