Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Wishlist: The Final Countdown!

Since it is now officially 34 days (!!!!) until Aurelia is scheduled to arrive, (I think she'll be late, she seems to like it just fine in there) I figured I would share with you all my final revised baby wishlist. Although the only real thing we desperately need is a car seat.

I'm having my baby shower on the 23rd and hopefully I'll get a few things. I still have a bunch of onesies and sleepers from when Rosslyn was a newborn up in storage at Jordan's mom's. Along with the bassinet and swing which I need pretty bad.

After hours and hours of reviewing, researching, watching videos on youtube, I've settled on the BabyTrend Flex-loc car seat in quartz.

Everything I've researched says this is the top rated car seat in safety. And it's pretty inexpensive too! Which is a bonus considering money's still a bit tight around here. The only downside I've read is that it is a little tight and sometimes babies outgrow it before they're supposed to. But from what the doctor has found out, Aurelia is a bit on the small side so maybe she'll be able to stay in it for a while.

My friend Chelsie is letting me borrow her Boppy pillow and all I want to get for that is a cover and I found this adorable one at target.

The first thing I ever bought Aurelia will hopefully be her homecoming outfit, if it's not too cold. I don't have a picture of it but it's a cute little sleeper that has an owl on it and says "who's the cutest?" and has ruffles on the butt.

Here is the link t the wishlist I made on Carter's, I hope to at least get a few things from it. I've been telling all my out of town friends and family that they could get something from there or just send me a gift card or something.

Well, that's just about it, I'll try to update soon with a belly picture and other happenings in our life.

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Hollie said...

Aurelia is such a pretty name! The boppy pillow was a must for me. It made bottle feeding and breast feeding so much easier.