Thursday, October 7, 2010

Senior Pictures: Jessca

So today, Jordan's little sister, my sister-in-law, Jessca (yes, there is no "i" in her name on purpose) went on a little adventure to take her senior pictures. I don't think I'm a professional photographer at all and I am beyond humbled at all the comments these pictures have received on Facebook. We have a cute little place in our county that used to be a huge coal mining hub and there's a train station there, that's where we took all these pictures. These are just a fraction of all the ones I took. I am so glad I have a trial version of Photoshop elements and I'm able to use some pretty amazing actions I've found online. So, here are a few of the ones I've edited.

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JesscaNo-I said...

I like the "no 'i'" haha
and the edits look great!

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

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