Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Aurelia....

You have 6 days until you are scheduled to arrive and I cannot wait. Although, if you decide to come early, please wait until at least Saturday so your dad can be here. Because you see, he missed the birth of your big sister because he was fighting for his country. However, that's not the case now and mom and dad would both like for him to be there.

I have our hospital bag packed. It's full to the brim with clothes for you to start modeling.

I cannot wait to see you in your adorable dress.

Your bassinet is set up and is waiting for you

Mommy doesn't think her belly can get much bigger

But I know you'll come in your own time. I do wish you would wait a while though. The car seat we ordered isn't here yet either and even though aunt Sammy is going to let us borrow one of hers, I'd like to have the one we ordered you.

So I hope you will hear, see or experience through osmosis this letter and know that even though you are loved beyond belief, stay in mommy's belly for just a little bit longer!

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