Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aurelia is 4 Weeks old!! (and my birth story)

I cannot believe this beautiful little blessing has been with us for 4 weeks! It seems like it's been forever. I can't picture life before her. I know all moms of two say that but I agree with it.

Right after she was born

She has been eating really well. Nursing every 4-ish hours or so. Still not sleeping through the night yet. Though she did a couple days ago (well from 11pm to 6am). And it freaked me out. You know, the mom freak out where you worry whether or not your kid is still alive because they're being so good? Yeah, that.

2 weeks old

We did let her try a tiny bit of baby food last week. She liked it but I don't think it agreed with her stomach because she didn't poop that whole day after she ate it. I think we're gonna try to give her a little bit more and see how she likes it on Christmas, though.

Rosslyn is a great big sister with her. Although when she's laying on the couch, Rosslyn will come up and sit right next to her, almost on top of her and it scares the crap out of me.

3 weeks old

Taken this past Saturday, almost 4 weeks old

Aaaaannnyyywaysss, On to the birth story that I have put off for forever.

It was Tuesday November 23rd. I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 6am to be admitted and everything. The doctor would break my water at 7 and we would go from there.

Well, that's not how it worked. I was up at like 5 and had packed all my bags the night before. Then I had to wake up Jordan... which sucked. He didn't get up until 6 and we were at the hospital at 6:30. We had to take Rosslyn with us and Jordan's dad would meet us at the hospital to pick her up. Everything was fine with that but Rosslyn absolutely hated when I sat in the hospital bed. Like, she was in hysterics crying. I held her and consoled her until she calmed down and Jordan's dad was able to take her to his house.

I was then given an IV of just fluids so I wouldn't dehydrate and was strapped up to the monitors. Then the doctor came in and broke my water, which was definitely an unusual sensation. And after that, my contractions became a lot stronger. I don't remember what time it was exactly but it felt like an eternity. I know I had to use the bathroom (#2) and I tried on a bedpan (very gross) but that didn't work so I had to use one of those chair things. It was gross but I felt better afterward. Then, the contractions got more and more strong. I felt like I had to push a few times and the nurse checked me and I wasn't dilating much more. I had dilated to about a 6 though. I was in a good amount of pain so I had the nurse see if the doctor was going to allow me to have a pain shot. He said yes and I was given the shot at 10am. My contractions were still so intense and the urge to push was much more stronger and so the nurse checked me and said yeah, that the doctor needed to get here so he could deliver the baby. He got there and I was screaming in pain at this point. Jordan was beside me holding onto the bed rail and I had my hand wrapped around his and I had to push. The nurse told me to try these breathing exercises because when I held my breath, the baby held hers so I tried that but couldn't stop the screaming. After a few pushes, Aurelia was born at 10:25am. It was definitely a quick labor and delivery. Then when I was delivering the placenta and being sewn up, Jordan and my doctor swapped war stories, so to speak. The were both in the military and they shared their backgrounds with each other. I just thought it was weird that the doctor and my husband were talking about that when he was all up in my bidness lol.

So everything went smoothly yet very, we now have another awesome addition to our family.

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Chantel said...

David and my doctor were talking about football and how excited they both were for the Viking's Packer's game while I was being sewn up. That was weird.