Sunday, February 6, 2011

The husband and I have expensive

I'm not sure what the purpose of this blog post is, I just want to write and I guess that's all that matters.

As I stated in my previous entry, we'll be getting a fair amount back in taxes (not sure if I should share that, I don't want to sound boastful) but aside from paying off major debt and being fairly debt-free for a couple in their mid-twenties, Jordan and I are going to have some fun money to spend. And of course besides getting all of us new clothes, we get to spend it however we like. Jordan likes to spend nearly any extra money he gets on electronics and accessories. Like one night we just took a notion to buy a new 42" tv. And I recently bought a printer for my computer that I bought over the summer. But with our tax money, Jordan wants to buy a 32" television for our bedroom. I said "I don't want the tv to be the main focus of our bedroom" he said "it's my money and I want to watch a nice tv when I'm going to bed." lol Can't argue with him there. I guess what I'm getting at is we like to "see" where our money is being spent. He has a custom Dell computer, I have an HP touchscreen computer, we're addicted to the DVR, we have an Xbox, I have a Nikon DSLR. They're all things we use everyday so it's not like we squander away our money on pointless things.

He also has plans to build an arsenal, so to speak. In case anything "goes down." His words, not mine. And yes, it's always good to have at least one weapon of self-defense in your house and I think being in the Marine Corps has made him a gun enthusiast. Not necessarily a gun nut but he's all the time planning out custom made rifles and such. He honestly, to my knowledge that he's shared with me, has at least 6 different random ideas floating around in his head. From a submarine made out of plastic storage bins to a custom made paintball gun and a free source of energy dealing with magnets. Gotta love him. I really do, his mind is so busy and he tinkers with things all the time. And that love of taking things apart and putting them back together in a different way has spilled over to Rosslyn. She is so very dexterous and can open a dvd case, turn on the Xbox, put in the movie and wait for me to hit play. And she'll all the time re-purpose one of her toys for something else. And I love it. I can't believe how smart she is.

Anyways, with my extra money, after spending it on bedding and a desk, I plan on getting a new tattoo. I already printed out the image I want, we just need the money, I need to decide which shop to get it done at, and someone to watch the kids while it's being done. This is where all my extra money goes. If I'm not pregnant. I have gotten a tattoo every year since I've turned 20 when I got my first one. To say they are addictive is an understatement. Yes, there is pain but it's worth it. And I'm not worried about how they'll look when I'm 80, because I hope by then, I'll be modest enough to cover up the areas my tattoos are located on. But for now, I'm going to live it up and celebrate how I want to. I asked Jordan if it bothered him that I liked tattoos so much and he said "no, that's what you like and if that's what you want to spend your money on, that's fine." I have had this tattoo planned for a while, I just needed the extra money. And I can't wait to get it. But I'm not sure when that will be. But when I know, I'll let you all know. So, I guess what I'm trying to get with this post is Jordan and I like to spend money. And we don't spend it on ridiculous stuff. Like Jordan's not wanting a crotch rocket or something like that. We love tv, guns and tattoos. The American dream....hahahah

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Kendra said...

You know i have never seen why people get onto people for buying TVs and such with tax money. It's things like that that make our lives fun! So go for the big TVs! Can't tell Sloan about y'alls bedroom TV size he'll want to do the same! haha

McDancer said...

Sounds like a pretty good American dream to me. I think taking tax returns to treat yourself is a great plan. It helps keep the spending itch away the rest of the year ;)