Friday, February 4, 2011

New house, new blankets and a room for Miss Rosslyn!

So we're moving fairly soon into our new place and I'm so excited. It's so new and updated I just can't wait to be there. Anyway, with our tax money, we'll be paying off Jordan's truck, paying on some credit cards and we'll still have enough to put into savings and enough for Jordan and I to split and spend however we choose. I am choosing to buy cloth diapers and all the accessories, clothes for myself and the girls, a new lens for my camera, new bedding and a new desk. And we're going to try putting Rosslyn in her own room in her own bed. It's a pretty big leap from co-sleeping to a toddler bed. But we're getting her some cute bedding and the room is right across the hall so I think she'll be ok. First, here's the bedding I'm getting for our bed:

I'm pairing it with some gray sheets and a gray box style bedskirt (I don't like the ruffly ones) and I think it'll look pretty nice. I have an idea for some art using scrapbook sheets and just putting them in cheapy frames so I'll think about that.

This is Rosslyn's bedding:

I wanted something really cute for her but she chose this one and I think she'll be more willing to sleep in her own bed if she's sleeping in sheets that are of her favorite show.

And here is the desk I'm planning on getting. Right now, my computer is on the kitchen table and since we really don't use the table, we're gonna put it in storage and I'm downsizing to a small desk.

Everything is from Target. And I'll have to order them online since we don't have one close enough to us. And I don't want to make a trip to Knoxville just for Target.

Also, I'm going to be stopping by the new house tonight so I'll take pictures of it and show everyone!! Have a great weekend!!

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Yanick said...

Congrats on moving to a new place thats and upgrade!!!

Have fun, but be warned buying for a new place can get addictive, lol....I've been here since Nov and i think atleast once a month I buyt something for the house, lol. Slowly it getting where I want it to be and when taxes come I'll get "big" tix items, like a rug for the living room and an area rug for the boys room which are kinda expensive :(

jane said...

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