Friday, February 4, 2011

Regional Dialect Meme! See me and hear me!

After seeing several people do this, I figured I'd give it a shot so you all can hear what a deep Kentucky accent sounds like. I live right on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee so I'm used to hearing some of the "stranger" words people use lol. I noticed I say "I dunno" a lot. Like a lot a lot. Maybe I should stop that. Anyway, here it is! Tell me what you think? Do I sound mannish or not? And how bad is my accent?

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Mama Gayle said...

That was a cute "vlog." I thought you sounded perfectly normal, but I am also from KY, so maybe other people might think you have an accent.

I didn't think you had a deep voice either, seemed fine. I always think the same things about myself too though. I hate to hear myself talk on tape. BLAH!

mommyx3monsters said...

I think it's adorable. Going back & forth between North/South/East/West I've heard a bunch of 'regional' accents lately & yours is probably the 'ideal' version of a Southern accent.

AlanaMarie said...

I think your accent is cute!
I call gym shoes tennies, or tennis shoes, i've heard them called sneakers.
I don't like the word buggy either!
where did you find the link for this? I'd like to try it!

Yanick said...

When you said iron I have to admit I giggled a bit, it was really cute! Can an accent be cute?

This look super fun! People say I have a Boston accent but I don't hear it!

Verena said...

Awww're so damn cute when you're talking....i couldn't hear an accent bc i am german...i can only hear german