Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thoughts as they come

Last night I slept like shit.
The girls went to bed early but then it was too hot so I took off my sweats.
Then Jordan went downstairs.
And I was too cold.
Then the baby woke up.
Then Rosslyn was up from 4-6:30am
And the baby up[ at 8 squalling with teething pain.

I wonder what people would think of me if I took both the girls up to Richmond to get some wine. I definitely need it.

We tried watching Thor but Aurelia was just too uncomfortable and started wailing.

Trying to watch it again tomorrow, it was a really good movie.

I can't remember when I last took a shower.... Friday maybe?

Yeah, I feel completely disgusting.

My house hasn't been this messy in a while. I have 3 baskets of clean laundry just sitting in the kitchen.

My back and neck are killing me. We're waaaayyyy overdue for a new bed. And I may just get a new pillow today.

I'm glad my kids aren't too bratty in public.

Rosslyn was yesterday though.

I am glad she is fully potty trained. She did everything on her own time with no forcing from Jordan or me. She self weaned from the boob at 10 months and about a month ago, she brought me some underwear and said she wanted to wear them and we haven't turned back since.

Accidents do happen but mainly during the day.

I am afraid Aurelia isn't developing as quickly because I'm unable to dedicate all of my time to her like I did with Rosslyn.

But Rosslyn did everything ahead of schedule and Aurelia is right on time.

I really want some wine. I've never had any but I feel like I should drink some hahaha.

Do they make pre-mixed bottled sangria?

ZOK that's all for now.

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Kendra said...

HUGS! Don't worry about the house, don't worry about anything when they go to bed, relax have you time and it will make things seem super easy :)
Hugs galore!