Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun at the library!

This morning, I took the girls to story time at the library. The kids have a story read to them and they get to make a craft as well. As part of the library's ongoing summer reading program, the theme is "One World, many Stories" so today, they had a story about Australia. Rosslyn was so well behaved. They have like a thing of risers that kids can sit on, like platforms stacked on top of each other. I don't know how to describe it but we had something like it in the music room in elementary school. But Rosslyn, being ever independent decided to sit in a chair by all the other kids. I saw a look of hesitation and worry in her face when I didn't immediately follow her and have her sit on my lap. But I was only about 30 feet away from her and I kept looking over at her to make sure she wasn't freaking out. She was so well-behaved you would think she wasn't my kid. She participated in the questions that the librarian asked. She even said something about trees and butterflies. After the story was craft time where they all painted boomerangs to look Aborigines. She had lots of fun and after that, she played with the other kids in this little train climber thing.

I am so glad she is growing up and being more independent. And I love that she loves books. Every time we go, I check out at least 5 books for her. She is so excited to go next week because there is a book fair and story time will be with Clifford the big red dog!! I plan on getting her a few books at the book fair also.

It just amazes me so much because I cannot believe how advanced she is for her age. She can recognize numbers and is starting to recognize letters. I have bought a couple preschool education books, like to help with her writing and things like that and she is doing really well on her numbers. She loves writing number 4 and number 6. I just can't believe how bright she is!!

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