Monday, July 18, 2011

Rosslyn is Three!!!

Yes, yes, yes, I haven't blogged in over a month and I am extremely sorry. I'm just going in full force and pretending like my month-long hiatus never happened. I promise, dear readers, I will try to blog more.

Last Wednesday, my first born, my accidental home birth baby, my sweet silly girl turned three!!!! And we had a big shindig. A rainbow candy party!! Here are a few pictures to highlight the party.





Happy Rosslyn

Yo Gabba Gabba toy

Then later that evening, we went to the county fair. Rosslyn had a blast! We went with our married friends Kenny and Whitney, who both absolutely adore the girls. We ate yummy fair food, like Philly Cheese steaks, fries in a cup and bloomin' onions, rainbow sno-cones and drank $5 cokes (not the best choice) but I sadly forgot my obligatory bag of cotton candy. We even got to see an old-fashioned Side Show! They had displays of "mysterious" animals and then a guy came in and walked up machete stairs, walked on glass, hammered a nail into his face, fit his body through a tennis racket and ate fire. All in all, it was a good day.And I swear it has taken me all week for my house to recover from such a big mess.

Rosslyn and Daddy fair


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AlanaMarie said...

I love how sassy she looks in her little pink boots in the last picture.