Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Turning 25 and getting poked in the eye

Yesterday (the 6th) was my 25th was ok I guess. I had a math test which I'm sure I bombed but oh well...I guess. So Jordan watched the girls while I took my test and then when I got home, I took the girls down to Jordan's mammaws where his mom is staying while she's on vacation. I hung out there for a while and she gave me my birthday present, a pretty awesome blender. It's used but it still gets the job done. I've already made two smoothies with it and I can't wait to make many more, as well as other delicious frozen cocktails. Yvonne also kept the girls so Jordan and I could go get something to eat. It wasn't anything fancy, just to the local steakhouse. But it was nice to be kid-free for an hour. After that, we headed back up to get Aurelia, Rosslyn was staying the night with Yvonne. When we got home, it was like 8 o'clock and Aurelia hadn't napped since early in the day. So Jordan said for us to lay down. And we did....which was a bad idea. Because she didn't go to bed until like 1am. Also, she's had a fever the past couple days because she's teething. On the way up to be, Aurelia poked me right in my eye...hard. I haven't felt a pain like that in a while. She got me good. I almost cried at how bad it was. It's still sore and swollen today. Probably because I've been messing with it. It's very watery and irritated too. I can hardly see out of it and it sucks. If it's not better by Friday, I'm going to go to the eye doctor. I looked like a hot mess at class today too. lol So hopefully another night's sleep will help it and I'll be better by tomorrow.... That's really all I have hahaha so I'll blog again real soon.

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