Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The biggest purchase you'll ever make...

... a house.

Yes, it's that time in our life where we've decided that we're going to stay here for at least a few more years and we're ready to buy a house. Now, of course the house up top isn't the house we're going to buy. We've looked at a few and are looking at some more tomorrow and Friday. And hopefully we'll decide on which one we like and be able to put in an offer by the end of this week or next week. This is because Jordan is on vacation all this week and next week.

I am nervous about buying a house because that means it's our sole responsibility if anything goes wrong or if things need kept up. I told that to Jordan and he said it's that that makes him excited to buy a house. He wants to mow the yard and stuff.

I'm not too worried about payments because the amount we're preapproved for is roughly about how much we pay in rent so I think it's manageable. I seriously hope so anyway. I will try to sneak and get pictures of the house we're looking at tomorrow because it's between that one and another one we saw today that we want to get.

Wish us luck and I hope this goes quickly and smoothly. Though we're doing a VA loan and I've heard that they're really particular when it comes to the final inspection and things like that. Both of our top two are move in ready, the one we're looking at tomorrow actually has someone renting it right now and the other one needs a refrigerator though. We'll just see where this journey takes us and I'll update when we find "the one!"

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AlanaMarie said...

Buying a house! SO EXCITING!

and we have some friends who got a house with a VA and theres was a little bit of a fixer upper.
But good luck! And I can't wait to see pictures.