Monday, October 17, 2011

Just throwing this out there....

*Warning* This is the first of my (possibly) opinionated posts. If it bothers you, feel free to comment why or tell me a different point of view. I'm open to new ideas. *Warning*

Ok, I'm sure by now, most of you have heard of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. I somewhat support them. I don't know how else to put it. I grew up poor, lived on welfare and food stamps and my mom never had a job. Abuse of the system? I would say so. But I won't do it and I most certainly won't let my kids do it, or for that matter, be around people who do. However, those who truly need help and are using welfare/food stamps for the right reasons and are out there busting their asses looking for a job is more reasonable.

I totally get what these protesters are saying with the 99% aspect. Most of them have lost their jobs because of downsizing like in factories (such as Saturn, Pontiac, etc) and they most definitely want the big banks and corporations to own up and take responsibility and say "we fucked up. Sorry you don't have a job." But then there are some who complain that they're in debt way over their heads because of student loans and they can't find a job. When in reality they probably majored in something like underwater basket weaving and really, there's no market for that. That, is not Wall Street's fault. Yes you need a job, put some of your pride aside and try applying to restaurants, stores and things like that. I know it may not be the most glamorous job in the world but if you need to support your family, any money is good money.

I watched an excellent video on youtube that was from a show on MSNBC where this guy said that he is sick and tired of our bought Congress. and he is absolutely right. I can't even tell you the last time my congressman (the oh so lovely Senator Mitch McConnell) has done anything to benefit Kentucky or even gave the voice of actual Kentuckians, which is his job. No, he's in Washington DC lobbying for this and that and just whatever can help his side advance more. This era of lobbyists and lining the pockets needs to end. I think that, buried under all the other things that's going on in New York, is the root and backbone of the Occupy Wall Street protests. We're tired of being played like chumps. Stop corporate greed and we'll be happy.

Moving on, there was something I saw that truly upset me on Pinterst that some guy had posted. I'm sure you all have seen the picture of the female soldier who had just returned home from war clutching her daughter in the airport. It's definitely a moving picture. However, this douche face decides to write a nice little quip "yes sweetie, mommy's back from killing lots of little kids like you only because they were brown." Or some nonsense like that. It took all the restraint I had not to school this fool on what truly this war is about and that first off, to my knowledge, no Soldier or Marine have ever intentionally killed an innocent child in /either the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Hell, when my husband was deployed, he told me that they had to go through when they were clearing the houses and help take the women and children out. And secondly, and probably most importantly, women cannot serve in any combat role in the armed forces. So there's no way this woman, who probably has more honor and dignity in her little finger than this man does in his whole body, would have even had the opportunity to kill anyone.

Let's face it, we're at war. Wars cost money. Yes, there is a bit of excessive spending in the military, mainly the army and air force, but our troops on the ground need every dollar that is spent on the war. If the war were to end tomorrow and we somehow miraculously saved those billions of dollars, I'm sure our government would just find something else that some of the public would deem useless to dump billions in. So people are always going to complain. You can't please everyone.

Bottom line is I support the "occupiers" but think they need to be preaching about the need to stop this pocket-lining congress.

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