Sunday, October 16, 2011

We have a dog now....

I am so sorry I haven't gotten the October TWO post up. Life has been really hectic and this post will explain why. But I will post a picture some time this month and I WILL get back on track in November!!

A couple months ago, someone Jordan works with said his dog was getting ready to have puppies and that they were full-blooded boxers. This is Jordan's dream dog so he of course asked if we could buy one. On top of that, his friend Kenny was also getting a dog from the littler. About a month ago, we went over to look at them and pick out the one we wanted. They were still very little, only a couple weeks old. We picked the one we liked and we held him, cuddled him and took pictures before we left. Then, about 2 weeks ago, we got the call saying he was ready to be picked up. When we got him, he was covered in fleas and was shaking so bad. But he got used to us and after two intense flea baths, he was virtually flea free. He had to get his shots the next day and was wormed and given flea treatment. He is now 100% flea-free.

But we have had our fair share of puppy accidents. He slept upstairs with us the first few nights and because of the worm medicine, had a bad case of diarrhea. And there were many, many accidents. But he was doing really well with his potty training. That is, until it rained. He didn't like the wet grass outside and would never use the bathroom outside. He would always pee on the hardwood in the kitchen, which is better than peeing on the carpet but still, he's kept on doing it. And last night, he wanted to stay downstairs to sleep. I woke up to find 4 different diarrhea spots and 3 pee spots. So here's hoping he'll remember to pee outside instead of in here. Annndddd, here is a picture of him, our little Swarley. (we got the name from How I Met Your Mother)

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Molls @ O hushed October morning mild said...

He's adorable! Love his name :)

Mama Gayle said...

Hey, love the pic, he is beautiful:)
I have some tips on housebreaking (if u want... just ignore me if you already know all this, lol)

First, you can't trust a puppy to be fully potty trained until they are 4/5 months (I found this especially true with my Boxer girl).
*When my pups were less than 3 or 4 months old I always got up with them every few hours to take them outside that way there is no danger of them having an accident (it is as bad as having a newborn...)
*Never leave food/water down at night time (it will make him go more & at unpredictable times).
When you take him outside make sure you watch to see if he actually does his business (if not he will come right back in and do it on the floor).
*Feed him at the same time every day (2/3 times for puppies). Then take him straight outside in 10-15 minutes. Stay outside until he goes.
*I know some people don't like it, but I swear by a crate. If I can not be right with my new puppy to watch it, they learn to stay in the crate. They sometimes don't like it at first, but my dogs are older now and they go in there without me even closing the door (it is like their home/den). Younger than 4 months they can't be left for more than a few hours in it though.
*When my oldest dog was a puppy I would tell her to "go pee" every time we went outside (then when she did her business I would say it again then tell her what a good girl she was). After a while she learned what it meant and I could tell her to do it on command.
*If you see him trying to go inside the house, run and grab him and rush him outside. Some trainers fill an empty pop can (1/4 full) with pennies and shake it, the loud noise scares them. If you discourage them every time they try to go in the house, they learn quicker.

I know you didn't ask for my advice, LOL. I just figured you might need some tips, that is how I learned.

Good Luck... My Boxer is great with kids, and they are so funny:)