Monday, December 8, 2008

A Long Weekend Away, but it's Good to be Home!!!

EEEEAAAAARRRRRRRLLLLLYYYY friday morning, I left with Jamie and Jason to go to Sybil's wedding in Johnson City. It was a long and eventful trip down (I threw coffee out the window that came back and got on me). But I did have fun. Minus Rosslyn screaming and crying so much when she woke up and realized I wasn't there. And my boob being so engorged from not breastfeeding every few hours. I forgot my pump so I had to go buy one. But other than that it was fun. A beautiful ceremony, an awesome reception, good bachelorette party before (drunken karaoke to Journey!) it was so good to be with my friends again.

Jordan had a good time taking care of Rosslyn too, sort of. Well he kept her for a while on friday, then Billy came home and he and Yvonne had a Christmas party to go to so Jordan left Rosslyn with Carla. Then saturday, Jordan drove all the way to Mississippi to go to a casino with TJ and his uncle. He had fun but I think the drive was super hard on him.

We left early sunday morning. Jamie and Jason were sick because of our hotel room. It was over-looking the pool and it was a heated pool so it was all humd and chlorine smelling, and not even on the same floor as the rest of the wedding party! That's what made us most mad. That and having to put up with Ashley the entire time. UGH....don't even get me started on that. But all in all, I had a great weekend with my best friends, found a new favorite drink (amaretto sours!) and made some new friends too. But it is honestly sooooo good to be home. I only say I'm home in two places, that is Horse Cave and McCreary county. They are my homes. And I cannot wait til Jordan gets out of the Marines and we can move over here (to Horse Cave) and get our own house (not an apartment!!!) and can start the next chapter in our lives.

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