Saturday, January 24, 2009

No more Naval hospital for her shots

So yesterday was Rosslyns first ever shopt appointment. Call me a bad mom for not taking her to get her shots or whatever, I don't care. There are signs linking over vaccination to autism. Anyways, she had her 6 month well baby check up too. She's average for her age and all that. The doctor did say we need to keep feeding her the rice cereal though. He was a really good guy, I think we're going to stay there for her well baby check ups, just not the shots.

Her appointment was at 2 and we were a little late. Then we went to her well baby check up, everything went fine there. Then we got sent down to where they do the shots. We waited what seemed like forever. Then this lady came out to me and was like "do you have her shot record?" I said no and she was all "so this is her first shots and she's 6 months old?" Made me feel like crap. Later on, she got fussy and I fed her and she went to sleep. About 30-ish minutes later, we got called back to get her shots. They made me lay her down on the table, this one lady grabbed her legs and pressed her legs against Rosslyn's against the table. And made me hold her arms up over her head. We asked them all what she was getting and they told us. I wasn't watching when they gave her the shots. I tried to keep her focused on me. Jordan said the needles were huge! And they didn't give us a warning or countdown to the shots or anything. And she just started wailing. The first one wasn't too bad on her but the second and third ones made her scream. Jordan said he never had more hate and anger towards someone ever.

So needless to say, the next time we take her to get her shots, we're going to a pediatrician out in town and hopefully they'll be more gentle. But the ladies who did the shots weren't even military. UGH I never want to take her for shots ever again.

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Marinewife said...

Hey just wanted to let you know that there is only one shot that is "linked" to autism and they get it at their 12 months. But, they have already proved that doesn't cause it, so no need to worry about shots! It's safer for her to get shots so she wont get seriously ill.