Monday, January 26, 2009

The workout starts this week...hopefully

I have our old netflix movies in the mail and hopefully within the next couple days, our new movies will get here and I can begin re-shaping and tweaking my body for swimsuit season. The next goal is to get a tanning package at the tanning salon up the road so I can be looking gooo-oood! LOL. But seriously, I've lost my butt. It's like completely gone and I hate it. So hopefully I can maintain this regimen and have a rockin bod fairly quickly. I would do a workout on netflix instantly today but I'm feeling pretty crappy, I have a sore throat and a runny nose and Rosslyn's not in the best of spirits either.

Speaking of her, as I was cooking last night, I had her in my lap and was sitting at the table and she was being all grabby and grabbed a pop can by the mouth and cut her finger on it. It was a pretty good cut. It bled for a little bit. I freaked out more than anything so I think that scared her the most. But It's better now. I'm glad we didn't have to take her to get stitches like my mom had to take me for doing the exact same thing when I was a baby. She'll definitely have a scar though but she seems to be doing just fine, not in any pain from it so she'll be ok.

And finally, I have alllll of out laundry done and put away! Before it was just thrown onto the futon in our bedroom. But now everything's hung up (because I'm meticulous about that) and put in the little hanging thing in the closet. And Jordan finally put together Rosslyn's walker. She absolutely loves it! It keeps mess up out of the floor and her from crawling and putting our hundreds of computer and tv wires in her mouth. But she gets frustrated in it sometimes because she can't actually grab anything lol! She's sleeping right now because she's had a fussy weekend. I really want to go to sleep too but I know as soon as I do, she'll wake up.

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