Monday, January 5, 2009

Why be something you're not?

I guess this is just a epiphany blog, really. I have come to realize a lot of things:

I will never be a concert pianist
I'm not the best driver in the world
I get my feelings hurt way too easily
I don't take anyone for granted whatsoever

There are people in this world who, intentionally or not, make you feel like a lesser person. I'm sorry that I don't go to Church everytime the doors are open, but I still have an outstanding relationship with God. I'm sorry that I don't have the newest, best, fastest most bad ass car but I love it just the same. I may not have the most designer clothes and may have bought seveal of my favorite outfits from wal-mart, but I like them all the same.

This isn't directed at one single person or persons but is just a general sum-up of the way I've been feeling lately. I hate feeling like I have to prove something when I'm around certain people. I shouldn't have to. People should just accept you the way you are and love you no matter what.

I love my life, my family, my friends and everything else in it. I know I'm not perfect and I don't try to pretend to be. We struggle a lot but this is the time that will bring my family (meaning Jordan, Rosslyn and myself) closer together.

Who knows, this blog may have made a lot of people butt hurt but maybe, just maybe it opened the eyes to one person who has hurt someone elses feelings or made them feel bad (again, intentionally or not) and they can say, "I need to think about other people." That's my only hope.

6 love notes:

Faith W. said...

Amen sister!

Tanya said...

well put & my favorite place to shop for me & the boys is this thrift store that truly rocks.. YES I ♥ TO SHOP AT THRIFT STORES!!!! there i said it & most will pro'lly look at me like ill gross or i dunno but i don't care. I get some the nicest, basically brand new sometimes even with tags still on them name brand clothes for wicked cheap.

Anonymous said...

i think there comes a time in everyone's life when they feel this way. you have to remember that what you see isn't always what is underneath though. just because someone has a badass car doesn't mean they aren't paying double what you would be. you seem very down to earth and genuine, go with it :) and p.s. tanya...i don't think we can be!!

Lori said...

True dat mama. It's not what you have but who you are on the inside that counts. I wish I could find some decent thrift stores around here. They all suck. I'm gonna pack up and head up to the Beverly Hills thrift stores. Now you know it probably rocks at those, lol!

Jaxie said...

And Tanya - I am a thrift store lover!
Back in highschool, that is pretty much the only place I shoped. I love old school baseball tshirts and team shirts. I still have all of them!

Shea said...

Totally! I had some awesome shirts from Goodwill. And about 75% of Rosslyns 0-3 months clothes came from consignment shops and yard sales. I'm so thinking about hitting up the Goodwill out here in J-ville to see if they have anything good/