Saturday, February 14, 2009

The day luuurrrvvveeeee

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

Things are better since my last post. I just needed to get some things off my chest and I'm better now. It was definitely catharsis.

Jordan and I are planning to go out to this little Italian restaurant that he found so I'm excited about that. And we're going to the mall in a little bit since there's a sale on hoodies at pac sun. I really want a zip-up. Not much else is going on around here though.

I watched that Diane Sawyer special last night about kids from the appalachian mountains. I liked it but I just want everyone to know not everyone is like that from there. Most people have jobs, don't deal or do drugs and have most, if not all of their teeth. They were just showing the worst of the worst and showing how bad it can be.

Speaking of home, I can't wait to go back. We'll be visiting on Easter and I'm so excited! I'm also looking into getting baptized when we go home. Donovan is going to talk to Bruce (the pastor) and let him know that I want to be baptized in a creek. Not one of those weird bath tub things. So I'm looking forward to that and hoping that rock creek won't be ice cold like it always is.

I guess that's about it, happy Valentine's day to all I hope everyone has an awesome day!

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Faith W. said...

Congrats on deciding to get baptised! :) I think it's really cool you wanna get "dunked" in a creek. :D

And I was too tired to stay up and watch the Diane Sawyer thing last night...10pm is past my bedtime, I'm gonna try to find it online.