Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Hearts Day (soon)

Valentine's day is just a couple days away and this will be the first one I've spent with Jordan since he got out of boot camp in 2006. 2007 he was on deployment number 1 and 2008 he was at CAX gearing up for deployment number 2. So I'm definitely excited.

We were going to do something Friday night but then, we can't because of Friday Night Magic! Hahaha. I'm glad he has a hobby but not one that takes up his friday night. So we're going to celebrate on actual Valentine's day. I guess all we're gonna do is out to eat at O'Charleys. I would love to go watch a movie but I don't want to chance leaving Rosslyn for that long. So just fooooooooodddd! LOL. Oh and Sybil and Jeff invited us to go over to their place for cake since it's Jeff's birthday too. I don't know if Jordan will want to though.

Onto the gifts!! Jordan said that he'd buy me those picture frames (in blog below) and a bathing suit from Victoria's Secret. He doesn't like the sailboat one though. He really likes this one. But in brown.

But I like this one. But he hates the ring in the center.

So I don't know what to do. I know he said I could choose which ever one I like but I don't want to be all picky and bossy.
*ooh epiphany* I could just buy the red one myself since they're the same price that way I can have my cake and eat it too lol.

There's this special on ABC friday called A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains. It's about kids growing up in the appalachian mountains right around where we're from. I showed Jordan a clip of it, thinking he'd like it. No. He got so mad. He said it depicted us as helpless people just looking for a hand out. But that we're a very proud people. I agree but the way I look at it is people need to know that there are still people in America who don't have running water or telephones. Not everyone is like that around there, but some are and somethign needs to be done about it. I am so proud of where I'm from and wouldn't change it for anything. It's my home and I love it so much. I don't want anyone to pity us, say "oh, those poor people." I just want everyone to know it's not all shiny and good all the time.

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Lycia Boucher said...

I love the bathin suits, i have the second one, the poka dotted one but in brown. But he has really good taste, because the first one is realy adorable too!

Shea said...

Thank ya!! How long after you ordered yours did you get them?

Lycia Boucher said...

I always do the cheapest shipping and less than 1 week i get it in the mail. But monday is a holiday, so it might push it back another day..ish

Shea said...

Ok thanks. I'll be ordering it on friday so I should most definitely get it before the end of next week right?

Britt Watros said...

I like the one he likes! lol. I would never be able to order one over the internet ive grown like 20000 sizes. lol