Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great Quote...and other randoms

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein

This just really stood out to me today. I have an Einstein quote of the day on my myspace and although I've read that one before, it just stuck out to me. I'm not sure what it may mean to you, but to me it makes me feel like if you want to stand up for something, anything, you're always going to have someone fighting against you and in the end, the great spirit always prevails.

Enough existentialism for now. We're going home tomorrow and I couldn't be happier!!! I still need to pack for us though. Although it's going to be light. I still need to pack all our bathroom stuff which is a whole seperate bag! Jordan gets off work at noon tomorrow so hopefully he won't want to wait around too long after he gets off to go. But we'll se. He said he doesn't think he has to go into work on monday so we might be leaving monday morning instead of sunday night.

Day 2 of weaning has been easier. I've only breastfed Rosslyn 3 times today and she's been good. I also bought more bottles. Thankfully all the bottles on the market now are BPA free so that's good. Although I think she might still have a few bottles that have BPA in them, I probably won't use them as much.

I talked to my little sister yesterday, she's 11 weeks pregnant. They moved her due date to November 1st so we'll most definitely be there for when she gives birth. But the doctor told her she gained too much weight!? She gained 7lbs since her last visit and they said that was too much. Although it was the health department in McCreary county, the same place that told her heavy bleeding was normal the last time she thought she was pregnant. Whatever I guess....that's what I'm gonna hate about moving home, if I ever have another baby, I'm not going to the health department.

Welp, that's it. I hope everyone has an awesome evening and a great Easter weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun this weekend. Hope you have a great time with your family :)