Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trip was a no go

So yesterday was an event. Jordan got home at like 11, we layed around the house and started to leave at 3:00 but it was just too hot on Rosslyn and the air conditioning in my car was acting up so we decided to wait until like 6 or so and leave when it cooled down. And we were finally on our way at like 7. Everything was good, we stopped to get something to eat in Richlands, and proceeded to get gas right before we got on the interstate. Once we were on the interstate, everything was good, until we stopped at a rest stop. Jordan had this ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen. I told him everything was going to be ok and when i went to change Rosslyn's diaper inside, he said he prayed about it and that he still couldn't shake that feeling. We went driving a littlemore, I was driving this time, he was sitting in the back with Rosslyn, and she was bing really fussy and crying a lot. And on top of that, it started raining really bad and my wipers are pretty much non existent. And te rain was getting worse the farther we went. Jordan told me to get on an exit. And when I did, it was a completely different interstate or something! It was while driving on this that decided to go ahead and turn around and come on home. After navigating my way out of that little maze, Jordan called everyone and told them the bad news. It was pretty hard but I feel like Jordan knew something was wrong and his gut feeling was that we need to stay home. And you never go against a gut feeling.

So we're back in Jacksonville. Sybil stayed here this weekend too since she didn't want to go with Jeff down to Tennessee to see his friends. So we're going to hang out with her tonight so that'll be fun. But part of me wanted to go home so bad. I was ready to go to our Church. And see my sisters but I know we made the right decision. I guess we're just waiting on the backlash from our families now. But we'll be able to go in on memorial day.

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