Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I ♥ Wednesdays

Today was an awesome day! For once hahahha. For the first time since I don't know when, I got to take a shower without having Rosslyn in her walker in the bathroom with me! It was bliss. I used to take little things like that for granted. It was so nice not to have to peek out every few minutes and say "don't do that!"

Also today, I had lunch with two of my friends, Aubree and Tammy. It's beginning to be a bi-weekly thing, us all having lunch together. Another friend, Brittany, would have came but she wasn't feeling too good. But all three of us still had fun. We talked about everything under the sun. And Aubree and I talked about tattoos for the longest time. She's wanting to get this really awesome sleeve. And maybe if our husbands allow it (hahaha) next pay check we can go get one together. I am dying to get one. I'm thinking about getting one on my foot from an awesome Star Wars quote.

And today I began the process of weaning Rosslyn. It's not pleasant for me. Rosslyn is doing just fine, she takes the bottle like she's never had anything else but my boob is so engorged and hurts so bad. I've fed her a couple times on it and it's easing the pain some. I was going to do it cold turkey but it just wasn't wokring out for me so I decided to step down gradually. She's only eaten three times on the boob today and has had three bottles. The main thing I was worried about is her benig able to fall asleep on it when she takes naps, like she does on the boob but today she fell asleep while drinking a bottle and was just fine. Although I did get a stream of milk down the side of my shirt where I was holding her and the bottle leaked out hahah.

We're going home to Kentucky this weekend for Easter and I'm so excited! We're going to Whitley City Church of God for Easter services and I couldn't be happier. Saturday I guess, we're going to be over at his mammaw's house because his mom is coming down from Horse Cave to see us and they're all excited. Also, we'll be getting Rosslyn's new car seat which I'm looking forward to because she's pretty much outgrown the one she's in.

Well, that's pretty much it....I'm getting off here to go eat some hamburger helper sloppy joe yum!

2 love notes:

Britt Watros said...

yeah i suck i know lol

The Mrs. and Mama said...

Have fun in KY! I wish we could go home this weekend!!