Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The things they don't tell you about being a mom...

After watching yesterday's Oprah, which is a first for me. I hardly every watch Oprah. I have better things to do lol. It made me think about all of the things that are never covered by the baby books, magazines, shows, friends, family and even your own maternal instincts. Like I never knew I was able to carry a full conversation about poop to another adult and not get looked at funny. Or that some how, breastfed babies have projectile poop that rather than going down in the diaper, defies the laws of gravity and somehow ends up all over their backs. And sitz baths or pretty much anything dealing with your girly parts the first couple months after having a baby. Also, I would kill to be able to take a shower without having Rosslyn in there. Since I usually take them during the day, it's either take her in the bathroom with me (in her walker) and let her pull at everything in there or leave her in the living room where I can't keep her from pulling all our books and games down and possibly ripping them. Or that sometimes it's not socially acceptable to nurse in public. I'm sorry, but it's my baby and if you have a problem, look the other way. And how hard co-sleeping is with a husband who sleeps like a rock. Yes, I co-sleep (oh my God, it's the end of the world!). But it's because Rosslyn didn't like her bassinet and once she was big enough for a crib, we had to move to NC and there was no way to get her crib from Horse Cave to down here. It's getting harder now that she's bigger but Hopefully when we move home, she'll take to her crib and won't have to sleep with us. But, I will still keep the crib in our room till I feel she's sleeping secure enough that I know she'll be ok.

Nobody said motherhood would be easy. Don't get me on the difficulties of trying to have sex. That's a whole different story. But I love finding all these little nuggets along the way that when you mention to another mom, they're like "oh yeah, that happened to me."

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YOM said...

Cute post. I actaully did watch that Oprah show.

No one ever told me that there will be days were you will LITERALLY feel like you are going insane, coo-coo, like crazy in the head.