Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Camera is a go!

This will be mine!! Jordan agreed to me getting this awesome Holga CMY (cyan, magenta and yellow [because of the colors]) camera for Mother's Day. I showed it to Jordan and he's like, it's blue! I said it's blue, pink and yellow. hahaha. I just don't know when he's going to order it. I've done a ton more of research on it. I found out where the shutter is, it has a little wheel at the top that puts different colors in front of the flash (red, yellow, blue, and clear). Although I think the only difficult task would be actually loading the film. And then developing it once all the pictures are taken. Plus getting more film. I think I'll have to order all the film online. I'm hoping that the film will be able to be developed at wal-mart. And, if I do get the camera, after I have the pictures developed, I'll have them put onto a cd that way I'll be ale to share them online.

Today I tried to transfer money from our usaa account to my navy fed account so I would be able to pull out all the money for our rent but on the phone, usaa told me that it would take 3 days to do it or I culd do a wire transfer which would have it done today but it would cost $20 just to do it. So I'm going to see Jordan and he's going to pull out some of the money that way I'll be able to pay rent today. Also, while I'm on base, I saw signs for pc repair so I'm going to take the computer there to see if they're able to take the virus off our computer without costing a fortune. Last night I had a dream they did it and it was only $73.66 haha an odd exact number. Other than that, not much else is going on. I'm meeting Aubree for lunch at noon at O'Charley's. She's never been but I think she'll like it. That's all that I have planned for today. Hopefully everything will go as planned and they're able to fix the computer. I am so ready to be on my own comptuer!!!

3 love notes:

Lori said...

Yay for the camera! You'll have to let me know what you think of it when you get it and use it.

Lycia Boucher said...

That camera is so cool! I'm glad you convinced him to okay it.

I hope they can fix the computer for cheap too! i'll be crossing my fingers.

ErinLynn said...

YAY!! I'm glad he changed his mind and you are getting your camera!! what a great Mother's Day!