Friday, May 8, 2009


After my exciting post the other day about Jordan agreeing to get me that camera for mother's day, he wanted to talk about it last night. "Why do you need two cameras?" he said. My answer? Because the other one takes photos on actual film and I'd be more inclined to go print them out instead of saving photos to a thumb drive or memory card and printing them out that way. I know it doesn't make any sense, I guess I'm just lazy. And he said that the Holga didn't look that professional either. Ugh I don't know what to do. I feel like a whiny baby not getting my way. And I hate whiners. Maybe I should just drop the whole thing and if he gets me something, fine. If not, that's fine too.

This always happens, I always get my hopes up for something and one way or another they'r always cut down. So I have a new motto: aim low and avoid disappointment.
And besides, I wouldn't have gotten the camera until next paycheck. So we'll see what happens on sunday. See if I even get a card.
But on the brightside, I'll hopefully be getting my iPhone on wednesday. We'll see....I hope it doesn't run our bill up too high.
Have a great weekend!!!

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Lycia Boucher said...

You should just tell him thats what YOU want. period. Who cares if you have another camera, it's like saying why buy another shoe or underwear you already have some. It's your special day and if you want a seashell or camera thats what you want :).

Don't settle for less, it's good to have expectations. As long as their not rediculously out of reach.

Kendra said...

Aw I'm sorry! I agree with Lycia, dont know her but I agree!! haha
I hope you get everything you want because you deserve it!

Shea said...

Thanks girls. You made me feel better :) Hopefully I will get it. He's just pretty stubborn I guess. maybe if I talk to his mom and tell her to tell him how much I want it, he'll get it for me! And Kendra, your blogs don't pop up on my page when you post a new one. It's probably on my end though so don't worry about it.